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Fields of lavender

Monday 18 August 2008, by Allaudien

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What’s more beautiful in Provence than a lavender fields, we are on the side of Valensole on the highlands overlooking the Verdon.

Lavender has something magical, a single sprig and both the color of the flower scents that emerge as soon as they are close, you go to countries Pagnol, Giono.

Valensole, world capital of Lavender, lies at the heart of Provence, between Manosque of Jean Giono and Marseilles of Pagnol.

Its trays lavender are dominate the Verdon, who from Castellane to Esparon via Moustiers Sainte Marie, walk its rivers between the limestone and perfumes scrubland.

Champs de Lavande
Un autre odeur de la Provence

Lavender is magic, the strand is purple, but when you contemplate the fields, it is not purple but what appears is deep blue as the sun likes to highlight. Once cut, sprig of lavender exhilarate only that scent.

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