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History of the Castle Regis

Saturday 12 November 2005, by Allaudien

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In 1840, Marseilles is the 5th world port by the tonnage of its navigation, behind New York, London, Liverpool and Hamburg. It is the lst Mediterranean port.

Louis Régis (1812-1899) is a rich person ship-owner of Marseilles, dynamics and daring. With his Victor brother, it exerts a considerable trade on the Western coast of l’Africa, in Senegal and in Guinea, then in Dahomey, in Cote dIvoire, in Gabon and Congo. It imports gum and oilseeds for the soap factory and huilery of Marseilles, like sesame, groundnut and the nuts of palm, multiplying the cotton plantations, of corn. The Régis house has a capital of three million francs in 1845 and counts in 1847 eight establishments between Senegal and the Cape of Good Hope.

Louis Régis withdraws himself at that time of family association. He exerts significant functions in the city. He is a judge with the commercial court, city council man, member of the Chamber of Commerce. Between 1850 and 1868, it buys 35 hectares in the valley of Huveaune, vast land field of Millière and Reynarde.

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