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Pagnol the writer

Saturday 12 November 2005, by Allaudien

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I was born in the town of Aubagne, beneath the goat-crowned Garlaban, in the days of the last goat-herds.
Thus Pagnol presented himself in "my father’s glory". His life and his work cannot be separate to understand its course, from theater throught TV.

The events lived at La Bastide Neuve are retranscribed in the memories of childhood, its rise in Paris gave rise to this Mr. Brun in the first trilogy; thus it is easier to look at the events according to the chronological order of this biography.

According to the references, one learns from the author a little more when one looking at these ancestors with research on the genealogy of Pagnol which makes it possible to go up until 16th century

Some Website present Pagnol’slife or his bibliography. Other website use his works with a teaching aim, in particular the letter that Lili des Bellons had sent and that represent a good exercise in the knowledge of the orthography.

Then there are these hills of the garlaban, source of inspiration, mainly in its "memory of childhood", and one can walk in the steps of the young Marcel. Interessant is this website which talk about the fauna of Garlaban with a study on the bartavelle one, this royal partridge which is one of the keys of voute first work of the trilogy.

There are also sites about the books of the writer with discussions or exchanges to approach the author in the schools. Finally one will not count all the colleges or colleges which bear the name of this author of Provence, as well as the voyages to Provence organized for the schoolboys and who report their visit on the Web.

Discovering this writer of Provence at the primary school, is like to build a door, a door towards its childhood that one will open with delicacy throughout its life.

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