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Pedagogical questionnaire

Tuesday 9 November 2010, by Allaudien

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Questions after reading the glory of my father, as a guide to understanding the text and its author.

Birthplace of the author ?

What is the name of the massif where he spent his holidays?

What readings are the source of his games?

What is the name his friend he met in the hills?

What is the occupation of his mother?

In wich park in Marseilles did he go with her aunt Rose?

What is name of his little brother?

What hobbies are practiced by Joseph and Uncle Jules?

What is a partridge?

Why does the author choose this title for his work?

Which book is the sequel to the Glory of my father.

In which village Marcel Pagnol spent his holidays?

What differentiates a child of the city from a rural child.

Any message or comments?

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